Basics Overview

The way customers purchase products and services has drastically changed over the years. Debit and credit cards have replaced cash and cheques as primary forms of payment and now online and mobile payments are quickly becoming the norm. Elavon provides simple and more secure payment solutions that meet the specific needs of your business.

How We Process Payments

Curious about how your business is funded for a transaction after a customer makes a payment?

  1. Your customer inserts or taps their debit or credit card or uses mobile pay technology, such as ApplePay®* and Android Pay™**.
  2. The terminal or mobile processing solution uses advanced security features to transfer payment data to Elavon.
  3. Elavon facilitates authorization from the payment card issuer, i.e., the customers’ bank, credit union or financial institution. The Authorization response is based on the cardholder account status and available credit.
  4. Our network acquires the funds from your customer and transfers the amount into your banking account as part of the established settlement process.

*Apple Pay is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries.
**Android Pay is a trademark of Google Inc.